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What is ASEN?

ASEN is a membership network that any Social Enterprise in Aberdeen can join. We believe that social enterprise can and does positively impact the economic, environmental, social, and cultural life of Aberdeen.

By collectively supporting, promoting and working with each other ASEN aims to create an environment in Aberdeen where social enterprises are able to thrive.

We have no coordinator and a bit of backroom support from ACVO so the network is truly member led. By working together we can:

• Share experiences, learning and solutions providing support and encouragement to each other

• Raise the profile of social enterprises locally gaining recognition that ‘profit for purpose’ is simply part of mainstream community life, work and business in the city

ASEN holds networking events every quarter as a means of encouraging inter-trading, exchange of ideas, shared problem solving and general peer support and learning.

Who can join?

The clue is in our name! Only social enterprises (fully fledged, on their way or simply aspiring) can join the network as Full Members, and we do appreciate that there are many definitions of what constitutes a social enterprise. ASEN uses the Voluntary Code of Practice for Social Enterprise in Scotland as a benchmark. Check it out here.

To join ASEN please email for an application form.

We are not and never will be an exclusive club and our events are open to anyone who is interested in social enterprise.